What we do

Personalised Wealth Management Offering

The service and product offering of Millhouse Wealth is based on the six step financial planning process propagated by the Financial Planning Institute (FPI). Ethics of the highest standard are maintained at all times. The professional qualifications of our founding directors, coupled with their experience set will drive our value system. We support all developments by the FSCA and FPI in order to achieve these objectives.

Holistic and focused financial planning will be at the centre of the offering with a product suite complementary to client’s needs. The following services are offered:

Retirement Planning

Investment advice pertaining to Saving and Preserving Wealth

Life insurance and Business Assurance

Fiduciary services

Planning process

As part of the offering the following 6 steps are undertaken:

  • Establish and define the relationship with the client by disclosing to the client the necessary overview of the Millhouse offering to provide principles for the engagement.
  • Gather client information and determine objectives, needs and priorities.
  • Analyse clients’ financial status and assess his/her objectives, needs and priorities.
  • The recommendation based on the above information will be presented to the client.
  • After client has accepted the proposal, the agreed-upon recommendation will be implemented.
  • The review and monitoring will take place on an annual basis. However monitoring will be done on an ongoing basis and should circumstances arise warranting an imminent change, such will be done as and when required.

Fees and disclosures

With the client centric advice model Fees and Commission will be levied and disclosed to clients in line with TCF, RDR and FAIS principles.

  • Life insurance based on regulated commission / fee structures.
  • Investment offering based on a fee linked to the assets under management. This fee will be agreed upon with the client on an annual basis.
  • Professional fees based on financial planning or estate planning will be charged in certain events based on complexity and expertize required.


The needs of the client will drive the appropriate product offering.

Life insurance and Business Assurance will be offered based on the clients’ needs taking cognisance of premium pattern, affordability and extent of the cover required.

Investment products aligned to client’s risk profile and objectives taking cognisance of the following:

  • Risk and return
  • Diversification (local and global)
  • Currency fluctuations
  • Cost structure
  • Taxation and estate planning
  • Due diligence of underlying products, manager and supplier
  • Suitability to clients’ needs and retirement planning

In determining the most suitable product for the client a due diligence process is undertaken on the product suppliers. Individual products are selected based on a set criteria of suitability and alignment to the clients’ desired outcome based on his risk profile and financial objectives.