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Finding yourself in the fortunate position to retire comfortably does not involve luck. Rather, a combination of hard and smart work throughout your roughly 40 career years combined with an implemented retirement savings plan will get you there.

91 out of 100 South Africans will become dependent on family or state institutions during their retirement years. The main reason for this dependency is delaying the implementation of a savings plan.

At Millhouse Wealth our advisors have the necessary financial planning tools coupled with access to our own range of independently constructed model investment portfolios, to assist you in creating and implementing a tailored plan which will help to get you to and through retirement.

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A plethora of investment options are available to the public. What we have done at Millhouse Wealth is to take away the noise and confusion often created by the amount of information available and constructed simple yet sound model investment portfolios underwritten by robust, independent market research.

Whether you are entering the employment market, are a late starter, nearing retirement or already in retirement, we have the necessary model portfolios and investment methodologies in place to suit your life stage and specific requirements.

Furthermore, for investors who have an appetite for a passively managed portfolio, we have teamed with market leaders in this field in order to provide this service to you at competitive pricing.

Find the fund fact sheets of our various model portfolios by following the url links provided:


We provide long term insurance solutions for private individuals, sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Close Corporations and Companies which is broadly divided into 2 categories:

Business assurance:

The ability to attract and retain quality personnel is the key to the success of any business. We offer advice on deferred and preferred compensation policies which provide a mechanism for businesses to implement a retention strategy.

Similarly, the capital replacement cost of key personnel in the event of their death or disability can be insured against by means of a life policy taken out by the business on the life of the relevant key employee. This is commonly referred to as Key Person assurance and is offered by Millhouse Wealth.

The continuation of a business on the death or disability of one of the directors/partners should be provided for by means of a buy-and-sell agreement providing for the purchase of the deceased share of the business by the remaining partner/director. Our legal division assists with the drafting and vetting of these agreements.

The tax implications of company-owned risk insurance policies on the life of an employee or director are important to understand so that risks are adequately insured against.

Millhouse Wealth performs an in-depth balance sheet analysis of your business and advises on adequate risk solutions to cater for the above requirements.

Personal Risk insurance:

We provide advice on life, disability and dreaded disease insurance for private individuals. A proper risk portfolio cannot be constructed without having regard to an individual’s entire estate.

We therefor recommend performing a financial needs analysis on your portfolio in order to provide sound advice based on your current position and your future needs and wishes.

Our fiduciary consultants will assist to draft a will for you, set up trusts and other structures as may be required to suit your needs and wishes and in so doing ensure that your needs and requirements are catered for in the event of a risk event being triggered.

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