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Why Millhouse

Simplify the financial planning universe

There are currently in excess of 1,000 FSCA registered Unit Trust funds available in the market. At the same time the JSE’s main board consists of approximately 450 listed companies. The significant number of options available pose a risk to investors who do not have adequate time or research material at their disposal in order to make an informed investment decision. Furthermore, once a decision has been made, the monitoring of the investment takes up further time.

From a costs perspective, the advent of TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) and RDR (Retail Distribution Review) has brought about significant, regulatory driven changes to unitised investment as well as insurance cost structures which, to the lay investor, may be difficult to grasp and/or capitalise upon. Add to this the various tax incentivised insurance as well as investment products available in the market, the financial services environment can be a daunting place for even seasoned businessmen and women to enter into.

Only deal with the best

We believe that now, more than ever, a clear, well researched, easy to understand, tax efficient and competitively priced offering is what is needed in the financial services market. The only way to achieve this is to employ industry leaders in market research, to have a robust vetting methodology in place when it comes to choosing your product partners and to employ experts in tax and legal matters to assist with setting up structures, where needed, for our clients – both pre-retirement and post-retirement.


With the above reasoning and robust vetting process in place, we have a select number of product suppliers, both on the investment and insurance front with whom we do business. Our list is revised on a bi-annual basis, ensuring we remain strictly independent.

Core values

Integrity, trust and transparency are the pillars of Millhouse Wealth’s offering.

We are bound by strong professional ethics as prescribed by the various professional bodies we are affiliated to, being The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, The CFA Institute, The FSCA, The South African Institute of Stockbrokers and South African Law Society.

Fostering Long term relationships

The purpose of financial planning is to provide a financial legacy for the whole family. Although the relationship typically rests with one family member, we strongly encourage the involvement of spouses. This helps to provide financial peace of mind and understanding.

Ease of doing business

We reduce the paperwork, red tape and anxiety often associated with financial planning and have built a seamless process to simplify doing business. This is underpinned by highly qualified people and a robust process tailored around you as client.